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Benefits and Outcomes

I was surprised you got me talking. Thank you for your company

DMBAS client


Life story work offers staff a way to better understand their clients’ and residents’ individual needs and apply this knowledge in the provision of person centred care.

Life story work is effectively used in aged  dementia , disability  and palliative care settings.


For example, life story work can


  • Provide carers with easy access to information about the person’s needs, preferences, interests, values and culture


  • Create more meaningful interaction, strengthen relationships and subsequently increase carers’ job satisfaction


  • Help carers understand and support the person’s goals when they see beyond the frailty, diagnosis or disability

Having a KnowMeWell personal profile for my grandmother has made all the difference to my caring role. I don‘t have to repeat myself over and over again telling professional carers what her preferences and needs are. Now they know to give her lukewarm tea in her favourite cup, they’ve stopped rushing her bedbaths, and make sure she's warm before they leave. Grandma is happy, so now I can be happy. (Family carer)

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  • Provide new staff and visiting allied health professionals with vital information about the person, including for respite and hospital stays.


  • Provide suggestions for effective non-pharmaceutical interventions to de-escalate changed behaviours

  • Ensure people who are non-verbal are respected for their individuality and the rich fullness of who they are

  • Build self-esteem and a sense of achievement.

I would like to thank you for helping me put together my life story.

I have very much enjoyed doing this project. It has sent me into some different places and has filled in some lonely hours during our lock-down time.

 Doing this inspired me to get in touch with with old friends and lots of happy memories have been remembered.


“If you want someone to feel better about themselves, ask them to tell their story.” 

Vernon Knight

Contact Me to chat about how life story work can be used effectively in your organisation and/or family.

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